For a while now I had the idea to create my own Jump’n’Run game, in most other parts of the world known as “platformer”. The idea was born out of two things: One, by now there are some absolutely awesome games out there, for example Trine (1&2), Brothers – A tale of two sons, The Cave, Limbo, Giana Sisters – Twisted Dreams, Elemental, to name a few. These games have stunning graphics, sounds, an intensive atmosphere and a love for detail that is just amazing. On the other hand, when I look at the indie games that are currently flooding Steam I just want to scream … there are a lot of new platformer games with good gameplay, physics, effects and ideas but most of them are destroyed by graphics and sounds out of the ’80s from the last century. These games are then sold as “retro style”. I can understand that pixel graphics and simple sounds are a lot easier to make, you save a lot of time and you can do it even when you are not very talented with graphics or sounds. But please … by now it should be possible to find decent sounds and/or someone who has talent in these areas and is willing to help.

So, I decided to try to build my own platformer, with the following feature set:

  • simple 2D gameplay, like Super Mario or Donkey Kong
  • 3D graphics, like Trine
  • particle effects where appropriate
  • reasonable physics

I haven’t decided yet in which direction this will go regarding graphic style, story, etc, I just have same vague ideas. Let’s just see where this will go.

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